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Responses to Totus2us podcasts given by Nigerian with names beginning with K - Z
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"For me, Our Lady is my mother, she is my intercessor, she is always there for me in any time I am in trouble or need."


"I thank Mother Mary for what she has done for me."


Leonard's Word on the Street is Psalm 91 - You who live in the shelter of the Most High, who abide in the shadows of the Almighty, will say to the Lord, "My refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust."

"It's my favourite passage because to me it represents hope."


"Our Lady is the Mother of Christ and it's important to acknowledge her because it's ultimately the love between them."


"Without Mary being the mother of Jesus we have nothing to share. I call her name, I do the rosary every day."


"I love Our Lady and Our Lady has done so much in my life. And I would say my knowledge about the Church, it was Our Lady who taught me about Christ her Son, who is the Saviour of the world. I would encourage everybody to come closer to Our Lady, because the more you come closer to Our Lady, the more you know about Christ and the teachings of the Church."


"For me Our Lady is a very special person because she embodies what it means to serve God. She was given a task and she accepted; and even though she had questions, she asked her questions and when they were answered, she accepted without any further ado and she never turned back. Throughout the life of Jesus, we see her in different ways supporting him and just being there for him."


"Our Lady is sweet, is our mother, all the day round is our sweet mother and I love her. Amen."


"I guess not having my parents here, Mary has been my parent. She has been there for me every time I've needed her. I would say she is everything that you could go to when you don't have anyone."


"I know Mary is there always, interceding for all of us. She is the mother of everyone."


"Our Lady, she’s my mother, she’s my everything. I’m nothing without her. I love my mother Mary."

Sister Mary Benedicta OP      

"Mary is my strength, my confidence, the cause of my joy."

Sister Mary Benedicta speaks about being a pilgrim at JMJ Madrid        

"World Youth Day Madrid has been a wonderful experience for me but what stood out in all of this for me was experiencing the universality of the Church, the whole world coming together, united in one faith, in one love, praying with the Holy Father who is the Vicar of Christ."

Sister Mary Benedicta is a Dominican Sister of St Joseph and lives in community at St Dominic's Priory in England (with Sister Hyacinthe).


"We go to Lourdes every year for the past seven years .. We love it and we love Mary."

(Maxwell is Mercy's husband.)


"Our Lady is amazing. Her grace is infinite. I don't know how to say it. She's a wonderful mother ... I love her so much, she has done great things for me in my life which I cannot express."

Sister Mercy      

"For me Our Lady is a mother and a model. One thing I love about Our Lady that constantly draws me back to her, to seek for her intercession, is her 'yes' to God, to carry out the will of God in bringing Christ to the world for us. And for me that is something that I desire that each day Our Lady may intercede for me that I may be able to carry the will of God at the end of my life."


"Our Blessed Mother is my heavenly mother. I have been consecrated to her for more than 20 years now and her role in my life has been one of maternal solicitude for my salvation. I can't quite put into words what she has done for me but in short I would say she's very solicitous for my salvation and, as a mother, she knows what is best for her children."


"Our Lady is the reason why we are all here. She accepted the huge responsibility of being the mother of Jesus Christ. Her example is the perfect human example that we should follow. Our first human step towards God is Mary."


"For me Mary is a mother through and through; the one to whom you can’t say no and who always intercedes on your behalf."


"I believe strongly that Our Lady of Perpetual Help plays a major role in the life of each and every one of us who are her devotees."


"When I think of Mary I think of her as a very, very caring, a very, very compassionate and loving mother and a route to Our Lord Jesus for us all."


"For me, Our Lady is very special. She is an example, in terms of accepting wholly and fully God's will, without any hindrance or second thoughts."


"I pray to Mary every time I can as much as possible because she strengthens me and my family. So she's like my mother so to speak, well my spiritual mother, I guess."

Father Peter      

Father Peter, from Onitsha archdiocese, was inspired by the witness to the priesthood given by Father James, his childhood parish priest, and by Blessed John Paul II:

"As a young boy I observed him meeting people in their situations of life in their various houses. He usually visited us in our homes, so by that, his presence among the people of God, I was highly inspired. I started from there the idea of being a priest because, due to his disposition to people, to meet them in their various situations, people loved him, so I had an expectation that one day I would be like him ... his attitude towards the people of God made me want to become one and I am happy to be a priest. And I can't say everything without John Paul II, his personality .. He influenced me how he shepherded the people of God of his own time, he used everything, even at the point of his death. Some people said that he should step down, he asked them 'Did Christ step down at the point of his agony?' He continued to be at the cross, to carry the cross until the appointed time and now he has been glorified as one who has triumphed. So I pray that God will give me that same spirit, to understand people and come down to their situation and lift them up and lead them to God, because our ultimate end is going to God, so whatever we do on earth will have meaning only when we lead people to God because that is our final destination and I pray through the intercession of Blessed John Paul the Great I will be one like him now and after, to the glory of God, through Christ our Lord."


"To me the Blessed Virgin Mary has wonderful perserverance and patience, which to me is marvellous and helps me in my religion. She is a real mother to me."

Sister Philomena      

"Our Lady is a mother to me and I see her as someone who has brought Christ and who has accepted to bring salvation to me and to humanity on earth. So I reverence her a lot and I always believe and I have prayed to her to intercede for me to Our Lord Jesus Christ and God, and she has never failed me. I have a lot of miracles through my prayer to Our Lady."

Sister Philomena is a Franciscan Missionary of the Divine Motherhood.


"For me, Mary is all, the most precious thing that I’ve ever cherished. She’s done so much for me, she’s rescued me so many times."


"What I know about our Blessed Mother Mary is that she is the purest daughter of God, and she grew in holiness, wisdom of God."


"I know Mary is the mother of Jesus, she was a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus, a pure woman. God looked around the earth and found a pure woman to give birth to the saviour of the world. "


"I think Mary’s significance is she’s a woman who listened and she wants us to listen to God."


"Mary means the mother of Christ to me. She helps me with everything."


"You’re asking me about my mother. Oh, Mary is a wonderful mother, there’s no mother like her. Oh, you’re asking me something that really touches my heart. She's a beautiful, beautiful, caring mother. Amen."

Theresa gives her something about Mary in English & Yoruba.


"Mary has played an important role in my life. There was a time when someone was very sick - I didn't know where to go, I didn't know whom to turn, he was sick mentally. All I could do was to bring out my rosary and put it on him. And he was saying 'Oh, there's something burning me in this rosary.' I was a bit scared and he took the rosary and threw it away. I rushed to my parish church to tell the priest and the priest said 'Keep on praying the rosary because God is going to heal him through that rosary, through the power of the rosary.' And indeed he was admitted into the hospital a few days after that, and when I went to the hospital I put the rosary under his pillow, and to my surprise I went there the following week and he had that rosary on him and he was telling everybody that he was healed by this rosary. Even though he wasn't a Catholic then, he said he was healed by the power of that rosary and since then I think he has been carrying that rosary about. So Mary prays for us all the time, she plays an important role in my life, in my family's life as well. So I will always honour Our Lady wherever I am."


"Our Lady is like a mother because I see Jesus as a brother."


"Mary is my Mum and I love her very much."


"Mother Mary symbolises purity, absolute purity for me."


"Mary, my mother, changed my life when I went to Lourdes in France recently. I felt so at peace, she cleansed me of every single anguish I had in my heart, and I continue to thank her for as long as I have breath in my body. Thank you, Mother Mary."


"With Christ, Our Lady is the removal of all my chains and you know the bearer of all my fortitude. And I would like to thank her because she's really the Queen of Heaven, the Morning Star, and every good and perfect gift comes to us from God through the intercession of Our Lady."


"Our Lady is the mother of God, mother of Christ. She’s the one who gives us her son, who gives us Jesus, who gives us love, who gives us life. She’s the one who, for me, is full of all virtue. She gives me hope because I think that God at the start of time envisaged this most amazing person and through her whole life she always had God, had Christ, at the centre of her life and she always chose Him."


"Our Lady means so much to me; she's a mother above all mothers. As  a mother, she's always there: in time of sorrow, in time of joy, in time of hope, in time of anxiety, she's always there to look up to. She has undergone everything so she understands whatever the problem is we say to her, and she's always there, not only in time of problems, but she is always there for us as a mother, to guide and to lead us, to direct us and for us also to follow her example of motherhood."


"One of the things that has made me feel that Mary is so important in our lives is seeing what she passed through during the Passion of Our Lord. It is very difficult for a mother to watch the Son being treated, suffering, all for our sins. That strengthens our faith, that saw a mother so close to her son, who has seen her son suffer so much, would really not fail to help us to get favours, if they are for our own good, through her son Jesus Christ."


"I am so happy and so glad that God has given us our mother Mary as an intercessor, as a loving mother who watches over us and who prays for us all the time."


"We thank God for our Mother Mary. If you don't love Mary, you don't have a mother. The more you love Mary, your mother is Mary, because you are born from her. And we thank her for all the graces that wer are receiving from her. "

Father Vincent      

"So my prayer, my ordination, my priesthood and my vocation I would say came from my mum, who had been praying earnestly, just like St Monica, the mother of Augustine. But as a person going through the seminary I remember taking a decision after my junior seminary that I wanted to be a priest. This was when I was 19 years old, I was in the senior seminary and I asked God, 'If you know I will be a good priest, please call me to your altar; and if you know I cannot make this, please help me to go and help out my family in any way your want.' And this journey has been amazing. And now 22 years a priest, I'm happy, I'm joyful, I'm enjoying every moment of it."

Father Yamai      

"Our Lady is first of all a sister and the inspiration to see her that way and to relate with her that way basically comes from my journey through Carmel. And in the light of that I have appreciated her role as mother as well. She has also been the mother and sister of my vocation to the priesthood and I rely on her help much to stay faithful in obeying and doing the will of her Son Christ."

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Totus tuus ego sum et omnia mea tua sunt.
Accipio te in mea omnia. Praebe mihi cor tuum, Maria. - St Louis de Montfort

Pope St John Paul II took his motto Totus Tuus from this quote.

"I am totally yours and all that I have is yours.
I accept you for my all. O Mary, give me your heart.”