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The Philippines - Ang Pilipinas

Responses to Totus2us podcasts given by Filipinos with names beginning with L to Z - Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat  ♥


"Very often we hear arguments: why do I have to go to a priest, why do I have to speak my sins? Well, you see, this is not a draconian requirement put on us by Our Lord but actually a sign of his love, that he has wanted to speak the language of the senses, the language of words and with those languages .. he has wanted to say to us 'I absolve you of your sins. I forgive you.' So that with the very ears with which hear the car horns on the street, the very ears with which we hear the most mundane things, we can hear his mercy. And his mercy spoken specifically to our own words, our own description of our sins. .. That's confession!"


"Mary is the mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ. She guides me all the time, I ask her always to guide me."


"The Virgin Mary is the most, most wonderful mother. Since I've lost my mother, she has been a mother to me and I love her so much."


"Mama Mary is very, very precious to me because Mama Mary, especially Mama Mary of Medjugorje, is the one who helped me to go back to God. She is our mother, she helps us so much. And everything that you need, just go to Mama Mary and she promises something: she will help you - that's the way she did it with me."


"Mary is our mother, Mother of God, our Queen, Mother of the Church, and Mary Most Holy."


"Mary is everything for me, Mama Mary is very kind to me."


"I consider Our Blessed Mother as my own mother. She called me a couple of years ago to be her child, her own particular daughter, when my now husband introduced me to The True Devotion to Mary by St Louis de Montfort. It is through that that I've realised that she was as interested in me, in me deepening my faith and her forming me in her womb, so to speak. And that relationship deepened with her. And through that relationship and through that novena which we now do every year, The True Devotion, I feel that she is advocating for me in the most difficult moments of our life, of my life, in our marriage she speaks up for me and she's that voice in my heart like a mother, caring for me, caring for our marriage in the most difficult times. And during the most challenging of times she would always bring us to Mass."


"I see my dearest Mother Mary as my own mother, my maternal mother, my image of a mother for the whole world. She blesses me with love and all the graces, and how I should be as a woman, and how I should be to my children."


"Our Lady is always there for me; she always helps me in all my ways of life. For me, I always say thank you to her, and I always thank Jesus through Mary."

Maria gives her something about Mary in English & Tagalog.


"As far as I know when I was child, you cannot go to the father without going through the mother as well. So, Mary for me is the Mother of God and when I pray, sometimes I pray for her intercession to be heard by the Father."


"Mother Mary is the mother of Jesus."


"Mama Mary is very meaningful to me - with all my problems, I just give them to her."

Sister Maria-Jose      

"The Blessed Virgin Mary for me is really the Virgin; a virgin and a mother; my heavenly mother."


"The Virgin Mary was my guidance since I was a child, and I always venerate her. She has been my helping hand until now and with all my troubles I always go to her."


"Our patron is Our Lady of Lourdes in our parish in Lucena City. This is my first time to come to Lourdes and I've felt Mama Mary is full of graces on us. She's our mother and we love her very much."


"Mama Mary for me is a very special person. If you want to be close to Jesus, you go straight to Mary and you will be closer to Jesus."


"I think Mary is always looking after us, especially the women and mothers, and I think she plays a very important religious role in our lives, and she's just around the corner. You can pray for guidance from her. ... But basically of course she is the Virgin Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ."


"From the beginning I was very inspired with Our Lady. She is a loving mother to me and I am very passionate with Mother Mary. I lead a rosary prayer group  in West London with a Filipino group. We move the statue of Our Lady from house to house every week. Our aim is to encourage the family to pray together with the rosary with Our Lady. Our image that we are promoting is Our Lady Mediatrix of all Grace."


"It was through the intercession of Our Lady that I came home to the Catholic Church. So for me the Blessed Mother is really my mother, my teacher and my advocate, and all I can say is that I really love her beyond all telling. It is true enough when Pope John Paul II said 'Totus Tuus', totally yours - once and for all when you've consecrated yourself to the Blessed Mother, everything is going to be fine. She is the mother of us all, she is our yes to God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit."

Mark gives his something about Mary in English & Tagalog.


"We have been to La Salette, Our Lady of Salette … It was a wonderful experience to be there, to see Mary appearing to two children and her message was to spread the word about Jesus."


"I came to the Blessed Virgin Mary to help me to come to know her holy son, Jesus."


"Mama Mary for me is not just my mother but she saved me. She's been guiding me every day, she has been there for me every time. I don't plan anything but I know she's there always and she showed me how to pray back again, to spiritually connect to Jesus, to her Son. Every day somehow she's just there, she's my loving mother and I love her ever so much."


"Every time that I have something, a problem or whatever, Mary is always the first one I think of to help me. I love her so much. She always helps me so much in my every day life.  .. Blessed Virgin Mary because you are our mother you will never abandon us and I know that you are always with us, thank you."


"Mary is the mother of Jesus .. I am asking the blessing of her son."


"I think Mama Mary to me is like bringing my family together when we pray, especially the rosary … Anywhere we go, she's there with us because she's our universal mother."


"I believe in Our Lady because I consider her as our mother and as our advocate and I trust her in all my life."


"Mama Mary is like a mother to me."


"I love Mary very much because she is the Theotokos, which is the Mother of God."


"I respect the Virgin Mary as the Mother of God and I believe when she prays for us, God really listens to her. And every time I pray to ask her help to pray for me, I know she listens to me and all that I ask from her, I receive all the gifts from God."


"All I can say about Our Lady: everywhere you go, she has been around the world. It may be in different countries but it's named after her from every country. Like in Portugal, it's Our Lady of Fatima, you go to Lourdes it's Our Lady of Lourdes, you go to the Philippines it's Our Lady of Manaoag."


"Mary is our saint isn't she and she always loves everyone else. If you want something you go to her and she always helps you with everything that you need. We always say Mama Mary. She's everyone's patron saint."


"I have a great devotion to Our Mother of Perpetual Help."


"I consider Mary as my queen and my mother. She has a very special place in my heart. The devotion to Our Lady developed when I started a book on True Devotion to Our Lady by St Louis de Montfort and I always loved this quotation from him saying, if you want to go to God and be united with him, we must use the same means he used to come down to us, that means we should have a true devotion to Our Lady. So all that we are - and our holy father Pope St John Paul II has given us a very good example of consecrating oneself, Totus Tuus Maria - all that we have and all that we are we own, body and soul, we offer it to God through the hands of our dear mother. That is why she is my queen and my mother."

Oliver works to spread the message of Our Lady of Fatima through the World Apostolate of Fatima England and Wales.


"Ok, what can I say about Mary? I love her from the bottom of my heart! She always intercedes for me to God."


"I've prayed the rosary almost every day of my life. Every Friday and Sunday I go to the church and pray to Mary. I pray for my family, friends and everybody, the whole world - to be peaceful. The whole world is most important, not only for myself."


"Mother Mary is our mother and everything I ask, I always feel that Mother Mary is beside me, and helping me to solve my problems, whatever. I always feel that Mother Mary is always listening to our prayers, so I encourage you to be with Mother Mary and to pray the rosary."


"I always ask Mama Mary to pray for us and also for the whole world. And that's it. I love you, Mama Mary, I love you. Please pray for me."


"I pray every day to Mama Mary."


"For me, after coming into my dreams, Mary has been ever since part of my prayer, each night and each day. And I say the rosary which I think gives me so much energy and passion. It shows me as well the love I need to give to God, to Jesus. And she became my model, as an individual, as a person, as a human being, to give myself wholly to God."

Rene is a Jesuit scholastic & gives his something about Mary in English & Filipino.


"I am so inspired by the Virgin Mary and she is one of the most important factors in my life. She actually changed me and has guided me all through my journey, especially getting closer to God."


"Christmas in the Philippines is the day that everyone is looking forward to .. For me Christmas is just giving yourself time to reflect on what Jesus means to us."


"Mama Mary."


"With whatever I've gone through, all the trials that I've been through, I have always asked Mother Mary to pray for me to the Lord our God to give me strength and patience and faith, and it's just helped me tremendously. And I am not the person that I am now if it weren't for my faith, for my renewed faith, and I will forever be grateful and devoted to her and to Jesus."


"Our Lady, pray for us. Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us. Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, pray for us. Our Lady Queen of Heaven, pray for us."


"The Blessed Virgin Mary is someone very, very special to me. I always go to her for help, for guidance and for her powerful intercession, and she has never let me down and she gives me inner peace."


"I love Mary because I'm always asking her for help and I have a very hard situation right now, but I always come to her and she's always there for me. I love her because there always is a miracle."


"I always talk to Mother Mary as like my mum. I tell her all ... not only my problems, I always thank her. I really believe her, I feel her with all my heart."


"I am a mother and I try to emulate some of Mother Mary's virtues as a mother: patience, kindness, love, a lot of faith in God. And she helps me in being a mother, in being a child of God, through her intercession."


"Mary is my light and she intercedes for me when I pray to Jesus and our holy Father."

Sherryl gives her something about Mary in English & Tagalog.


"What Mary means me to me is: my protector, my role model and my intercessor, especially being a mother to two young boys."

Sister Stefania      

"For me, Mary is my refuge and my protector. She is our heavenly Mother whom we can trust and whom we can count on."


"O dearest Mary, you’ve been my mother through all my life and I trust in you to enfold me in your loving care always. Amen."


"The Blessed Mother is just like a mother to me."

Teresa gives her something about Mary in English & Tagalog.


"I just want to say about Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary: she is the Mother of all nations, whatever your religion."

Teresita gives her something about Mary in English & Tagalog.


"I am really so happy that I know that Mama Mary will always be with me to protect me and guide me wherever I go."


"Mary is my everything. She's my mother and, being in the Legion [of Mary], she guides me in whatever I do and inspires me in everything. She's my model, so I do everything for her. I try to do everything for her."


"Ever since I was a child I always loved the Blessed Mother; she is always there for all of us, whenever we ask her."


"Mother Mary to me personally is another mother who you can look up to and be inspired by and look for guidance ... she's always like there to help you and guide you."


"Our dear Mother Mary is our refuge in time of need. She was a blessing, much blessing, to me and my family. I prayed for accommodation for a year and, during the Day of Mary, our Mother Mary answered in due and perfect time. And I thank her forever for she is the Mother of my Saviour Jesus and our Mother. Amen."


"Mary we call our Mama Mary in the Philippines and for me my experience with her is that she has always been my help in times of crisis, especially my daughter has had chronic anemia, and I prayed to Mama Mary to look after my daughter where I was always away from them, and until now I always pray the rosary to beg her to intercede for me and my family and all the people that I pray for. So Mary is our mother. Let's continue to pray to her for all our needs and for the whole world."


"Back home we have a grotto of the Blessed Mother and then I gather little children and I taught them to sing and then every six o'clock I get one of my tenants to pray the Angelus. O my God, you can't believe it, the children easily learn it! 'The angel of God declared unto Mary and she conceived of the Holy Spirit.' They easily learn that and then they sing a song to Jesus."


"I love Mama Mary, I am utterly devoted to Mama Mary. I always pray the holy rosary because she is the mother of all."


"Mama Mary is the epitomy of what a woman should be as a mother, a daughter and as a sanctuary."


"For me the Virgin Mary is always there to listen to whatever plea I have in my life - my hardships and my joys. So for she's always there like my earth mother, so that's how important Mary is to me as a person and as a Catholic."

Zareth gives her something about Mary in English & Tagalog.


"Mary for me is the Mother of all, and not just Jesus; and she is a model for all women of how to follow God."

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"Totus tuus ego sum et omnia mea tua sunt.
Accipio te in mea omnia. Praebe mihi cor tuum, Maria." - St Louis de Montfort

Saint John Paul II took his motto Totus Tuus from this quote.

"I am totally yours and all that I have is yours.
I accept you for my all. O Mary, give me your heart.”